Texturing large areas

Hello, Basically I am making a huge, but low poly map. I want to add multiple textures to it using texture paint. The only problem is, since the map is so huge, will i have to make a huge image. Because if i texture paint onto a new image, the textures are always really blurry. So what is the most efficient and best way to get the results im looking for?
I hope I described it clear enough.

Just UVmap it like usual so you have textures scaled down enough to not look blurry, but use vertex paint for your stencils instead of a texture (possible using nodes)

Ok, I will try that tomorrow sometime. Whats a good size image for something like this? If i scale down my textures, wont i lose detail?

Not if you just scale up the UVmap the texture is assigned to and not the texture itself, you’ll have the textures looking sharper as a result, but it will repeat more so that’s where you add on more textures at different scales (using the scaling options in the material panels), to break up the tiling.

Can’t stack textures in Second Life. Very basic engine.

You will need to bake them to a single image if you want to be able to use them in Second Life.