Texturing Large Scale Areas?

So the problem I’m having is this
I’m creating a First Area for a game nothing complex just a Basic forest Surrounded by a rock wall

The method I’ve used to texture it is the Traditonal Stencil method
I have my stencil
my Grass and Dirt Texture and ok that works fine
But Once I bake them on to a image to use with UV it starts getting messed up
1.) It looks good from far away but not upclose and considering its a large area its going to have to look good upclose because the character will be small compared to the map

2.) I’ve tried higher resolution for the Image 3500x3500 was my last one that worked I’ve tried 5000x5000 but It shows the image in the UV window but not on screen? Why is this?

Can any on tell me how to do this properly, Its not to realistic as far as the style of the game goes so its not like the textures have to look like real grass and dirt I just need them to look good upclose

you should try to tile the texture you have. that is an option in the “map image” tab of the texture buttons :wink:

also try to stick to quadratic textures that are a power of 2: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048… the reason is that graphics cards handle these formats natively and are therefor most efficient.

I think going beyond 2048 isn’t necessary in 99% of the cases.

Ok Ya I tried the Tile Texture thing obviously that was my first attempt to “Fix” my problem it worked a little better but still not how i want it

Thank you for the Advice on the second part though I did know know it worked better like that Thanks :yes: ,