Texturing leaves: Can't get rid of the border.

MySAFEHealth logo_bad_textures.blend (1.08 MB)

Okay from the attatchment you can see that I am trying to create a sapling with textured leaves but there’s this annoying black border around the leaves made up of the empty space around the leave in the texture file. The “whitespace” has turned black instead of being clear. How do I make it clear? Do I need to do something with the UV map or alpha or what?

Ok so you didnt attach the texture to the blend file… but i know the problem

So your current material is rendering correct… but you want to use use the transparency of the image texture to work on the leaf planes in 3d… which means your material needs to be setup for this.

So right now your material is image texture, color output -> Diffuse -> material output.

What we need is to have a mix, a mix between transparent and diffuse. so we add in a mix shader node between the diffuse bsdf node and the material output and also a transparency bsdf node…for the mix shader node, the first shader slot is transparency, second shader slot is diffuse… this way when the value is 0, it is transparent, and when the value is 1 it is solid.

From here… we need the alpha output to drive this material mix, so plug the alpha output of the image texture into the mix shader factor and voila… it should work

This image should help you out – https://newart2000.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/makehuman-tut3.png

MySAFEHealth logo_bad_textures_2.blend (1.04 MB)

I did what you described (I think) and it didn’t get rid of the border, it just made the leaf itself become semi-transparent. Perhaps useful for added realism later on but not what I need right now. Still have those annoying borders

Alpha goes into the factor mix shader node, not the transparent bsdf node… the transparent bsdf node should be value 1,1,1

Yep that worked Thanks for the help.

No probs, a bit of a learning curve :wink: next time double check what the person posts before saying it doesnt work though :wink: