Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Modeling sections

I think it would be cool if either elysiun or the new blenderartist.org had sections dedicated to modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering. I think you could have a lot more stickies and threads that target specific areas where a lot of people could use help. And hopefully this would cause more tutorials likie Torq’s head modelling tutorial to pop up.

but would there be enough posts in any of those sections to warrant such a change?

People post Animation and GameEngine questions in Blender General all the time. Some blatantly announce that they do it because nobody reads their threads on those other forums and that the General forum gets answers because of the traffic (without mentioning the quality of answers). Dedicated forums won’t work unless that that kind of thing is policed and the Moderators don’t need any more work than they already have.


Been discussed and approved for Blenderartists.org migration…
Still waiting…