Texturing lowpoly (almost) curved surfaces

Hi all! I have a bit of experience texturing characters, but its the first time I am texturing a hard surface like a ship. As you can see on the images, the object itself has some slight slope/curve but its too much lowpoly and the texture has got Straight lines.

My question is: Should I adapt de texture image to the object? Like, if the object curves, then the lines in the texture are not straight? Or should I adapt the mesh in someways?

I have tried proyect from view and conformal Unwrap, but the lines are not straight in the parts of the object that starts to curve. If I use projection paint, and try to paint straight lines, they are straight in side view, but diagonal in top view, I dont know which one is correct or if its correct at all. Adding more geometry doesnt help too much. I would like to have straight lines in the texture if possible.

I dont know If Im clear enough but waiting for your response.

Typically problem like this is addressed using Normal map. So you are baking high poly model onto low poly mesh to display like high poly surface.

Thank you ridix… but I am not using normal mapping, those are 3d sprites for a 2d game… they are viewed from a distance… so all detail is going to be handpainted.

Then I don´t see the problem.
As the 2D sprites will be pre-rendered imges, why are to doing low poly to begin with?
Make it highpoly and sculpt the detail, or cut it in the mesh, doesn´t matter.

Yep, using floating geo and normal map for all the little bits would solve the problem, but the thing is, I am working lowpoly for practice and faster model creation in the game. I just wanted to know how to get rid of distortions :smiley: I will see then, thanks.

Ok, I think too much lowpoly is impossible to get continuous surfaces without getting too much distortion, the object has to be cut in pieces. I think that will make the trick. Thanks!

Sorry forgot to put the image!

For those doing mechanical models and getting distortion, divide it in pieces… Now I get almost cero distortion and its not even completely pieced yet. Thanks all! problem solved!.

Uhmmm. Your UV layout now is a catastrophe.
Unnecessary seams ripping the texture apart, and no uniform scaling. It´s not that in the back there is a high detail area that needs such a dense texture.
The dividing into pieces wasn´t good practice, and I really don´t understand your problem.
Unwrapping this mesh is a piece of cake, I guess you have to hone your unwrapping skills a bit.

You are right, but its not finished! I am still unwrapping it. Dont forget the ship is going to be constructed like in pieces. I will post the finished UV.

Ok, I joined all the parts again. Cutting it in pieces is a matter of minutes so no problem. By mistake the prior texture was show in the image at 256 (low because sprite size no need big textures for a 100x100 sprite). Now its at 1024 for a start.

As you can see, it is more or less straight in all parts, but the front-side and back-side parts are the most problematic. I think I Will need to subdivide that area more. What do you think? images of all views and seams. My goal was to be able to draw straight lines in the UV and get them straight in side and top views, because they did distort at the “tilted” parts of the ship. Now I can slice it up in pieces, but still I will want to get rid of distortions.