Texturing + Materials in Cycles

Bit of an issue. To the left is a textured brick wall in Cycles, the middle the same thing in edit -> texture mode, and the right the same in edit -> material mode. I am wondering why the two modes show different outputs as well as how I could get the middle output to show up in Cycles, instead.

Help appreciated.

No information about your scene, your model, the materials, the textures, the render settings etc.

Please ALWAYS supply a demo blend file with all support questions. Ensure you also pack your textures in the blend file using the File / External Data menu before saving your file.

TACI.blend11.blend (5.78 MB)

Here is the .blend file that contains the scene and everything else. Hopefully that’s enough! I’m trying to texture this building in different parts, and the current part that I’m texturing is a brick wall. You may not see an image like my first post because now the texture won’t even show in the scene, after I UV unwrapped the building. Now I am going to ask an even more more basic question: why won’t it show up? This is after I tried moving on to other parts of the building, too.

In order for the texture to show up in textured view you will need to have a corresponding Image Texture node in that object’s material. The difference between texture and material view is this:

Texture view (left) maps the texture exclusively based on the UV unwrap that can be seen in the UV/Image Editor and ignores additional mapping information in the material nodes. Material view (right) takes the full node information into account, so if you use e. g. a mapping node or different texture coordinates in the node setup, Blender will use those for viewport display.