Texturing method to allow animation

Ok, my problem is that I need to texture this old man,


Now, to the problem…
I have tried for a few hours to get UV texturing working for me, trying multiple methods, as this is the only mapping method I know of which will essentially “bake” the texture onto the faces so they can be animated.
Unfortunately, this is pretty much impossible with my model, the gigantic ears totally stuff all of it up, and the resulting UV map is unworkable…

I’m wondering if there is another way around, maybe something like using the Orco-Sphere method, but then either converting it to UV or baking it onto the faces so it can be animatable.

Please help if you can, this is driving me insane! I really wanna texture, but I don’t want to do a great job and then find out it was all wasted!

Any kind of even remotely possible solution, whether it be plug-ins, methods, or tutorials, are deeply appreciated.

Advanced thanks,
Stephen Merity (Smerity)

There are backissue threads that talk about splitting up the mesh and mapping each part seperately. I just give the different parts each their own material. Then when you have loaded your texture and hit F, only the selected material will show up as editable. If you select a face from another material group then your immage disappears from the UV window. You can also translate your model to select all those difficult-to-get-at faces.