Texturing methods

I’ve been seeing a few tutorials that use the method of modeling a high res model then using the mapping from that to texture the low res model. That seams pretty time consuming and sometimes it seams like it might not be worth it, unless that’s the only way to do it. Are there there other way’s to get a decent texture for a character?

Well, it depends if you are using the low poly model for a game or for an animation or just a photo. As each of these puts different restrictions on your machine, and if your machine is fast enough then you may be fine with just using a high res model.

However, if your model is for a game, then I would recommend baking the normals to a texture. You can find plenty of tutorials for this and I think that even a tutorial that takes 30 minutes to explain, you can learn the concepts and learn how to do the procedure in only 5 minutes or less.

Normal map has its place. But, good diffuse color map, secular map, and bump map can do wanders.