Texturing/Mirror issue

Hello… With the models I’ve been working on I’ve created 1/2 of the object, and simply mirrored the model for the other side and attached it. When I apply textures though, and the UV coordinates for those textures, the side I modeled looks fine but with the other side the texture is inverted. You don’t see the texture on the outside of the mirrored-model, you see it along it’s inside. Also I’m having problems with this model (and others) that you can see through the model from certain angles. I’ve been exporting these models to a game called Morrowind and these problems make everything really screwed up. I’ll attach the .blend in a .zip so you can get a better idea of the problem. View the model in textured-mode and you’ll see what I mean. The right-side of the desk is a mirrored copy of the left side, and the texture on it is inverted… You can also see through it from behind. You can see through the planes behind the desk, too. Maybe I’m mirroring the model wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Here’s the link to the file:

You need to recalculate the normals of the table. (select all verts and ctrl-n) It has got half of its normals inverted. Hence only half of it works correctly.

Ah, it seems to be working now… This has saved me a lot of trouble, thanks a lot. I have another question, though. Is there a function that could recalculate normals oppositely? Instead of the outside being textured/visible, only the inside. Or should I just mirror the model for that?

Yup. Try to flip normals. (editmode: hit w and then 0)

CTRL+SHIFT+N >> Recalculate normal inside
isn’t bad either.