Texturing models for Oculus Rift / VR

Firstly, I should mention I’m still on Blender 2.79 (I only use Blender once in a while an this is the version I’m currently more familiar with)

I am trying to bulid 3D objects for use in Oculus Home.

i started simple with a version of my real world coffee table. As you can see from the screen shot, I have set up a simple texture/bump/spec in the Node editor. (I know I’ve probably done it wrong, but that’s not what my issue is about right now).

So the issue is this: I export my model to .glb format as required for Oculus compatibility. I import it in VR and the model works fine, but there is no material/texture/etc. It just shows up the default un-textured grey.

How do I make sure my texture is actually applied to my model upon export? I’ve watch a number of tutorials and they all just gloss over this. Every one I’ve seen shows a single glb file being imported to Oculus, and showing up fully textured.