Texturing modular facades / buildings

Hey guys,

I have been doing some research about game ready modeling / texturing, and I am currently trying to tackle buildings. They were always hard to me, so as Endi suggested, I looked at some stuff made in Crysis 2 with their SDK. Now, what I got from there is that some of the buildings use unique textures, some use multiple materials, and some use premade materials only, without any unique textures.

So, I can’t really get this right, because, what if I want to chamfer some corners with the normal layer? Then I can’t really use tiled textures, and what if I want to do some unique ornaments, some floral stuff, or anything like that on the walls? Should I put that in the same texture as the wall it sits on?

Also, there is an other thing, quite new concept to me: pixel/meter. Now, how the hell am I supposed to get my head over that? :smiley:
But that is essential in a scene, so I can keep the texture detail density constant, right? Any tips? Or a good book on the topic maybe?

This is my last shot at it. I know it does not tile correctly, and not too detailed, but the focus is on the UV layout. This is a single material for the building (wall segment). How should I do things to be most space effective?

Also, is it a common practice to do a set of buildings in a single texture, like prop sets? (For eg, in Frag-Man-Ted, we have some common sets of props, a lot of cardboard stuff, matraces and such in a single file).

A little update on the stuff: