Texturing Mountains

Hello all,

Advice is welcome on this WIP. The mountains you see have since been hacked at with Sculpt Mode, but I was wondering - what’s the best way of texturing mountains for bump maps? The thing is that I’m vector painting everything to get a more stylistic look and an accurate or photoreal texture is not what I want. But - maybe a realistic bump map on a handpainted texture would look great. I don’t know, and I ask my fellow blenderheads to help.

BTW the street modelling is far from finished, thoughts are appreciated. Yes I’m putting in windows, some yellow with Emit on, some blue/white.



Realistic would look out of place. I really dig the cool, blue moonlight. Blender material repository is great for learning textiures. You may find that breaking down the camouflage material could prove particularly useful for texturing your moutain because it will work for brush and stone. Adding wide separation to the different textures and a bit of bump with a few color changes could prove to be all you need. It’s a brilliant material, yet amazingly simple:


Aha! Good advice. I’ll be checking that out!