Texturing Multiple Objects

Hello; I’m sure this is very simple, but a quick forum search didn’t quite turn up what I’m looking for.

I am new to Blender, and I am making a vehicle model for a game I’m developping as a spare time project. The vehicle, so far, includes a main body and four wheels, all of which are separate objects. I’ve textured the wheels, and now I’m trying to texture the main body of the vehicle, but I can’t seem to get away from the wheel texture - that is, if I change the texture in the UV/Image Editor screen, the texture on the wheels is changed, and when I unwrap the main body, it gets a wheel texture. I’m sure I’m just missing some simple command or button; can someone give me a pointer? Thanks a lot! :smiley:

They must share the same material or texture.
Select the object and look at the material assigned to it. Give it a name like wheels. Do the same with the texture. Now select the other object, and look at it’s assigned materials and textures. Are they named wheels?

If they are you need to click on the little number next to it and make it single user (in 2.49) this will make a copy and you can now name it something different like body. In 2.5 the process is different but the same concept applies.

Even if you need to delete the texture associated with the body and just click add new. They each need their own seperate materials and textures. Naming the material and texture will make it obvious what is happening.