texturing orco

I was practicing texturing cause I have a low texturing ability so here are some pics can I have a few suggestions please…

Don’t see much of a spot that needs improving, too abstract to tell if it goes right on the object.

So then do you think there needs any improving?
I’m still not finished I am going to make like an abstract city hehe and suggestions on that?

About the abstract city, the first thing you can do it make buildings that would in real life seem to defy the laws of physics.

It’s a clean image :slight_smile:
Maybe a blizzard in the background is going to appear good.
Shadows may be more affirm .

Quiet image :smiley:

I think the best way to see if the texturing is working would be to make something that isn’t abstract, such as a small table, or a wooden box or fram or something, then we can see if the texture appear as they should.

Good textures and render by the way, I really like the metal floor :smiley:

varry col :slight_smile: