Texturing Practice

Got worn out working on my main project of the moment (link) and decided to make some smaller objects to be used for the same mode/scene later on, as well as getting some texturing practice. Thought I’d show the results. Textures made in inkscape and gimp, (including the brasso label from scratch). Base textures from the awesome resource that is cgtextures.com.
Solid Tex View:

Quickie Render: currently looks worse than the openGL view, but shows the bump and spec maps in action.

The texture on the"Brasso" can. (warning: large)

I’m very impressed. I like the 3-in-1 oil the most. The oily stains are very natural and convincing. Good graphic design on the brasso can, too. The only thing that comes to my attention is the rust on the lid of the brasso can - it seems unnatural for some reason. Otherwise it’s great work.

Looks great but the cap on the Brasso looks funny… NOW GO BACK TO YOUR STEAMPUNK GIRL, SHE"S GREAT!

Thanks. Rest assured, I’m working on it at the moment and will update soon.