Texturing Practise (Damaged Wall)

I decided to make a practice scene in order to improve my skills in texturing and Uv wrapping. I need to add a spec map and a map to the front. Any idea how to add a spec map in cycles?


theres two ways, under the materials tab start off with a mix shader- of the 2 options 1st = diffuse + 2nd = glossy. Under the color you can chose the image map for the piece, a second image texture for your spec map will be plugged into your fac amount, then you can adjust the amount of spec with the roughness setting on the glossy shader.
the second is the same except you have more control is in the node menu.

Of course, there is prob a better way that others have, on setting them up :slight_smile:
Checked out blenderguru or cgcookie :RocknRoll:


thanks man! How does the texturing look so far?

Good start. With a bump/displacement it would look tons better. Metal bars are usually thinner and have a sorta screw-like shape and are vertical.

From eat3d:

Hope it helps!

Here’s a small update. Added the tiles and some grass and flowers. As well as a bit of bump mapping. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7200/6970987723_094d6202c8_z.jpg

that paper is way too thick man. Thickness of paper is measured in 1/1000ths of an inch. But you should give it thickness.

I added a solidify modifier in an attempt to fix a problem with the colliders on the tiles. The modifier’s not there anymore :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t think that the thinkness would even be noticeable if i added it.

I fixed the thickness of the paper, and added a texture to the side of the wall. Also did a ton of experimenting with spec maps, occlusion, and displacement maps.

Hey BC2! Nice texturing job. The inside of the wall looks a little pixelated, though, but that’s a detail most people overlook, so it’s good! =D

The tiles on the ground look much more believable, I don’t think I’d change them much at all, and the paper is very good too!

Thanks for taking a look! I need to address a problem with the normal mapping too :stuck_out_tongue:

almost done :smiley:

Looks good! maybe a bit more bump on the wall? Actually, you gave me an idea with this image, thanks!

the difference from the first image and the last one is huge, coming along very nicely, 2 this i will point out though, firstly the inside of the wall has its texture set way to big (i done bricklaying at college, didnt like it, but learned alot… especially what a broken brick looks like lol) a broken brick has very small but very sharp bumps, secondly (sorry to pick on your brickwork again lol) but the inside also needs to have mortar in it following the mortar of the front, at the moment it looks more like a brick effect facia with concrete poured in behind it.
anyway keep up the progress its great to see and brings back fond memories lol.

Umm… good job so far, but your backdrop is going through your wall.

haha yeah i realized that AFTER i rendered. I’m going to fix that today.

@Bizla. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to work on that sometime soon. Right now just trying to get all the spec/occ/disp maps to work together.