Texturing Prob

I have created a Bowling pin model and want to texture it to look like this

http://www.bowling2u.com/trivia/pins/PinTypes01.jpg but i can’t workout how to texture it? could you give me some pointers, i’ve what the texture video tut so i know the very basics.

my .blend file is here http://h1.ripway.com/JasonL220/Pin.blend1


Pretty simple to texture it.

When you have your texture done in Photoshop/Gimp, you can create a new texture for your material, add the image as a texture, you’ll probably want to select “Clip” so the image doesn’t repeat (unless that’s what you want) and in the Map Input tab, select “Tube” as the mapping method. If the texture is not the right scale or the right position, you can adjust that with the SizeX/Y/Z sliders and the ofsX/Y/Z sliders.

I hope that helps. 8)