Texturing problem purple

i have been trying to learn how to use the node editor but when i finally decided to do this the material would always turn purple i unwrapped it and this was still occurring here is a picture of the problem.

if any of you could tell me what is happening and how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated

You’re connecting the output of a shader node (light green) to a color input (yellow). Shader outputs can only (on Cycles) be connected to shader inputs.

If you wanted to make some glass, you should connect the output of the Glass node to the Surface input of the Material Output node.

You could also connect the outputs of both Glass and Principled to the inputs of a Mix node, and connect the Mix to the Output.

thank you for helping me that seems to of fixed it

just one more question regarding the nodes how would i use the noise or a mask node to put a second color on it as well

You’re over-complicating it. You can create glass with just the principled shader. To get multiple colours using noise as the driver, try this.

wow that pretty cool bro that seems simpler i will give it a go