texturing problem

Help me guys…i’m trying to texture my model by uv editor from picture, but when i delete this image,the textures dissapears and become pink…is there a way to save the textures from this picture on my model

if you create an image inside of blender (the uv-editor for example in paint-mode)
then you either have to save the picture to your harddisk and load it again from there
or you have the option to save the picture inside your blend-file (but you need to save the blend-file then), that is called “pack” the picture in the blend-file.

If you do nothing of those two ways, the generated picture will be always lost.
For beginners it is the best to save the image in a directory - and use an appropriate name for it - and CHECK that you really did save it with another display/paint-program.

but me and my friends are doing game…will it be able to see this textures on their computers???

Of course. May I recommend that you learn some basics before proceeding with a game? I think you’ll find that your skills will start improving so quickly that your first works will not be good enough for your game. Just my 2 cents.

I’ve already learned a basics and i can texture,but i’ve a problem with textures from images, because it would be problematic to get all the pictures with texture to the game folder…please help me!!

Why would it be a problem, specifically?

because my friend is doing that game and he would have to put these textures again on this model

As I said, you are asking really fundamental questions. Since I’m sure I can’t convince you to hold off making your mmorpg until you learn a few things, learn about packing textures. Other than that, you’ll have to ask someone else. I have no idea why it would be a problem for you to share textures with a friend. Zip and email. FTP from your own server. Pasteall.org. I don’t know what you are asking really.

From the File / External Date menu you can pack all your texture files into your blend file so they are accessible to anyone who has the blend file.