Texturing problem.....


I’m making a wooden box in Blender (Cycles Render) and when I put the texture on the mesh it freaks out… It isn’t a flat cube so that would probably be the problem? It also has a lot of 5 or more cornered faces :S I hope someone can help me :o

Here is the texture (if it isn’t already in the project)

Wooden Box.blend (481 KB)

You’re using UVs as the texture coordinates but your UVs are not good with poor unwrap and overlapping faces. You could look at using the project from view unwrap option for each side of the object, applying the mirror modifier will make it easier to map the texture

Why do you have these vertices ? They are serving no purpose so clean the mesh up

How could I fix it ?

Cause I’m dumb!

Here’s a rough and ready unwrap. Can be improved greatly given more than a couple of mins


Wooden Box (1).blend (873 KB)

I’m really sorry to waste your time like this but how can I texture these kind of objects? I can’t find any tutorials about this from YouTube…

Should get you going, more or less.

Thanks dude! :cool: