Texturing problems?

I’m a bit new to blender, well sort of, anyways i’ve been trying to work on a minecraft rig lately, trying to make a pair of glasses. For some reason when I try to use the same texture as the rig itself it goes inverted and only the top of the rig looks quite right, everywhere else looks stretched and misplaced.

http://s1215.photobucket.com/user/chaosdragun/media/Original.png.html <-- If you notice in the materials tab it’s exactly how I want it to look, even the skin is as I want it.

http://s1215.photobucket.com/user/chaosdragun/media/Fail1.png.html <-- However when I try to use a new material with the same skin (Even if I click new material) it ends up perfect at just the top but stretched out around the sides. Surely it isn’t this hard to make a pair of glasses.

I also hope photobucket links are accepted and I apologize that the screen seems stretched, I have my CPU connected to a TV.

-> Solved, I needed to change the mapping to UV under the textures tab in order for the textures to not stretch. Thank you Samuraishi although I have a new question.

How do I make the glasses shine and reflect objects infront of it? (e.g. the sun or another player.

the second one doesnt seem UV unwrapped and so the mapping is off on the texture theres a few other things that could be the reason but its hard to tell from the screen shot provided

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It didn’t work, I re-rendered it and the textures still seems stretched, except for the very top, the mapping looks fine when it’s not rendered but when it is it keeps it’s stretched look.

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I don’t know, I tried to unwrap it but the end result is the same, the texture becomes stretched and just all around bad looking, nothing like glasses unless glasses looked like that.

Unrendered looks fine, perfect infact

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Then I try to render it and it just turns to bleh.

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I’ll try to make a new cube and try a few things, if you can think of anything i’ll be glad to hear it.