Texturing Produces Black Specks

Hi All,

I am working on an ice texture and found one here:


However, I notice that my text object has black specs in it.
I thought, at first, it was reflecting part of the enivronment color, but I changed both horizon and zenith color and it did not go away.

Just wondering how to get rid of the black?
I have the default light in the scene and have moved it all around and I still can not get the blackness to go away.

My thought is that the raytracer has nothing to bounce off of and hits it’s tree depth limit and return’s black. This is just a guess, and if it is true, then it is a bug, it should not return black, it should return the enivornment color.


Is ambient occlusion on?

No ambient occulsion, just the Blender Internal Renderer with the default light.

you can save the image with f3, insted of tacking a screenshot:)

I downloaded the material, and then added a box, and a sun, and the material, worked just fine.

For me, anyway. The material is reflecting the world and that’s where the blue comes from. And from your picture it looks like your world is blue to, so, I dont know.

Can you upload the file for some one to look at?

Maybe delete all the letters except one so it is smaller?

I think I found the problem.
It does lie in the raydepth of the index of refraction. If I set the index of refraction to 1.0, the specs go away.
If I set the ray depth to 0 the black shows up greatly!
This also shows up in the default cube as well.
Set the raydepth to 0 and you will see the cube goes black on one side. The larger the IOR, the darker the black.

I do believe this is a bug. It should not go black, it should darken towards the color of the environment.

This is not a bug, change the raydepth setting to 10 and all the black should disappear. The raydepth setting controls the recursive refraction that is rendered. smaller value will always lead to black dots.

Yes mpan3, but it should not use black, it should use a sampled pixel from the environment.
3DSMax has a specific dialog box for handling raytraced pixels that reach their maxdepth but still have not resolved. In my opinion, Blender should do the same thing.

ahhhh I see what you mean now: for untraced pixels: instead of filling it in with ‘black’, blender should fill in in with skycolor? Maybe it could be done easily, maybe not… I don’t know.