Texturing query in BGE

Hi guys,

Just a quicky…

This is for the BGE, using GLSL materials. Im texturing a wall and have applied a tileable concrete image onto it and under the “mapto” panel have increased the tiling in the X & Y direction by five to make the image better quality. This is fine.

I now want to add some bloody hand-prints to a certain part of the wall and im not sure about the best way to go about this?

All I have is a photograph of two bloody hand streaks. Is there a way to add this as another texture onto my mesh on-top of the texture (concrete) I already have applied?

Map it to a polygon, place just infront of the wall. Use transparency to get rid of the non blood parts.

Hi mate,

What do you mean by map it to a polygon? Do you mean UV map it to a plane with alpha and push it right up against the wall?


Uv map, yes. It means you don’t need to mess with the wall texture. Also if you need variation you can have several splatter pieces on the one image and can then use several polys uv mapped to different bits. One texture supplying multiple marks.