Texturing question (2 questions)

(flapzucht) #1

I’ve got 2 questions about texturing a model.

  1. I’ve made an object in Cinema 4d and imported it into blender, but now i want to give the head a different color then the body. How can i give these different body parts each an other color? (when i click on a body part, like the hand. Blender automatically recognizes the full hand as a body part)

  2. Can i import an in Cinema 4d created object textured into blender, so i don’t have to texture them in blender? Cinema 4d supports ,3ds,.x,.dxf,3dm,w3d,.wrl,.obj,.xml files as export file formats.


(OTO) #2

To apply different materials to the same mesh select the desired vertices vertices go to Edit buttons, F9 and press the New button under the grey
1 mat: 1 and then the assign button ( repeat those steps for all the needed materials and vertices in the mesh)
Now in the material buttons you have a large grey button with 2 Mat 2 or whatever.
Click to get the desired one and “edit” the material as you want
Try to save the Cinema file in the Obj format and import it in Blender
with a Obj script that’s somewhere :frowning:
I guess that this will work (never tried)