Texturing question??

Just need a quick answer, ok i modeled a perfect arm to use in the game me and my friends are creating. When I went to texture the arm… All of the faces are inside the arm, how do switch them so they would be on the outside of the arm?? I want to texture the outside of the arm even though the faces are on the inside. Is it even possible? I would love a answer to this :slight_smile: I have a couple other models that I could use this option on too.



You scelect the faces that are wrong (in the FaceScelectMode(FKEY))
And when you have scelected all the wrong faces go to the EditMode(TAB)
And go to EditButtun(F9)
and klick on the “Flip Normales” buttun on the right.

Thanks :)) I am forever in debt to you :slight_smile:



lol :smiley:

An easier way is to select all vertices in edit mode and press CTRL+N to recalculate normals outside. (you can use CTRL+ALT_N to recalc them inside). :slight_smile:

Oh and if you want the game texture to appear on both sides of a face, you just need to turn the ‘twoside’ option on for all faces in FaceSelect mode. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

Ctrl-N and Ctrl-Alt-N only works for convex meshes. If your arm has modeled fingers, Ctrl-N will not work for it.

Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile: I got my model textured now :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Can anyone tell me if there is any performance difference if you textured two sides of a face (but only one is ever visable) as opposed to only texturing the visible side.

(did that make sense?)


I assume you mean if you turn the ‘twoside’ option on in face select mode?

I’m not sure im afraid, but thats something I’ve always wondered as well. :-?


Yes exactly. At the moment it isn’t a problem, but I hate to get into the habit of hitting the “twoside” button all the time and find out I am hurting myself down the road (spped and size).


I never use the twosided option unless I have to. The only time I’ve used it in my main project is for the inside of treasure chests. On any open box it’ll be more speed efficient to use a simple cube mesh with the twosided option than it would be to use a proper hollow cube with wall thickness. Other than that and ofcourse alpha textures, I don’t use the twosided option.

Keith. 8)

The twosided option is very handy and can’t be missed, I’ll tell you why. When you have a made a character like a dragon, and you want to make spikes on his back. You can add cubes and make piramides of it, but you can also make just one plane and apply twosided. So this will lower your vertice use for a character. Or you’ll add grass on a plane, just apply twosided. So now you know why people use it. :stuck_out_tongue: