Texturing Question

How do you apply more than one texture to the same model?

Simply put another texture into one of the 10 texture channels. One material can hold 10 textures, so…

… assuming you want to apply more than one material to a model, I strongly recommend to learn UV-mapping. You can define vertex groups and assign different materials (you don’t need UV mapping for that), but in the end UV mapping is your friend.

OK…so now you think im stupid…but this is why i asked…what is a texture channel??? :expressionless: :expressionless:

on the buttons window hit F5 then go to the last tab there is your texture channel, if you want to assign it to specific group of vertex select the vertex then create new group then assign it to it but the uv mapping is bette like was said.

what is a texture channel?


Figure 4.34. You’ll find them in F6.


sorry about the wrong answer about texture channel, i thought material.Once you selected and assigned a material to a object your texture channel will appear.