Texturing Question

KK for awhile now I never would even apply so much more than a base color to my models, I’m color blind so it really becomes more of a hassle than its worth. And I’ve always been happy with UV Mapping to get that base color. But I’ve been fiddling around with textures lately to add a bit more realism to my work.
My wife got the chance to sit down and watch as I worked the other day goofing around with a bunch of different textures trying to get my basketball to “look” exactly like a new basketball. She said the second I placed the first pattern on the image (I’m guessing she’s talking about texture here) the part of my model with the pattern on it turns pinkish and the part without is the same color it started out. She said also, the more patterns the more the pink starts to take over.
What is she talking about? Has my wife finally crossed the line that seperates sane from insane?
Again, I’ve got no issues with it the way it is…everything looks decent to me. But to have all of my models that get textured being colored half pink would be kinda defeat the purpose as the illusion of reality would only affect me. Noone else is going to say wow that banana looks so real no matter what I see. They’ll say, “Wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink banana…on a pink table with pink chocolate syrup poured all over it” kk so I started rambling here…but you get my point lol

Any guesses as to what’s happening? Any solutions as to how to fix it from constantly happening? Even if you just have my textures from now end up being some other color…nothing is worse than trying to make an intimidating Marine Corps Delta Force Sniper and have him turn out half pink!! Now blue I could play off lol!

Well, first of all, wives are either insane or will drive you there.

Second, if you look at the Texture Map To panel, you wll see that pink color. Textures, if they are mapped to affect Color, you have to tell them what color they should Mix in (if you choose mix as the method, again in that Map To panel). So, you wife is not insane, and is merely driving you. Buckle up. And bring a copy of http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Map_To to read in the car.

The pink color was chosen because it is very obvious and you can sorta guage how much the Mix is being affected before changing it to your desired color.

Thanks I’ll check this out when I get home.
Now this seems to be a very good place to put the question that’s been bugging me for awhile now. Is there another way to get the exact color from one image to another, besides just adjusting it manually till you get what you want?
Like I said earlier…currently I just use UVMapping to get that base color which has been working fairly well…but seeing as I’m going to have to start manually adjusting this…I’m hoping theres another way. Sorta like any image editing software where there is a “eye dropper” to pick the exact color from one pic as your active color.
Or maybe there is some type of large database that has all the numerical values for the colors in blender? Or would they be the same values as used by any other program. For example (if this can be done lol) if I open up gimp and pick a particular color (lets say pink lol) and see the values are (these are made up) red .8 blue .3 green .3 could I go into blender and pop in those same values and expect to get damn near the same results?