Texturing rocks is hard

I can’t get any of my rock textures to look right! I guess there’s a slight bump to them, but they look terribly pasted. This has also happened with some other textures as well, particularly wood. Usually I get my textures from cg textures, and then download the color photo and height chart. I know there are certain add-ons and other programs you can use for this sort of thing, but I would like to be able to stick with blender.

Here’s an example of my terrible texturing skills:


You need to properly unwrap your objects to get better results:

This is just a quick ‘smart uv project’, so it’s not lovingly hand-crafted with no visible seams. But it took just as long to do as the ‘project from view’ uv mapping it had.

Also, it’s hard to assess your texturing, if you don’t include textures. pack textures next time for better feedback:

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I would recommend using a largely procedural material for rocks or using photoscanned rocks.

I suppose that does help, but I’m looking to get my rocks to look more like this:

Source: CG Textures

And less like this:

You need to setup displacement, rather than just bump:

This will get you a result closer to this:

Note that your seams are much more important with displacement mapping, so you will need to spend some time figuring out how to unwrap things nicely.

Hard to tell with your lighting. You haven’t packed the textures into the blend file either, so it’s hard to see what you are working with. To get results nearer the examples you like you’ll have to use displacement or model/sculpt those kind of details.

Your material only has colour and normal. Roughness is important for rock materials (or indeed any materials). Variations in roughness will help once you’ve got the height/displacement sorted.

Hmm, okay, I’ll try that.

Alright, any tutorials you would recommend?

Wonderful! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m using the same version of blender… I can’t find any displacement node, even after searching for it in nodes…

You have a Displacement input on your Material Output node.

Oh, I meant the one connecting the image texture…

Sorry - I didn’t see you were commenting on another post. Displacement node was added to Blender after 2.79b. You’ll find it in the most up-to-date 2.79 builds, or 2.8 builds here: https://builder.blender.org/download/

Oh, okay, although for now I’m going to stick with my current version. The tutorials you’ve given me should help! :smile:

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