Texturing/Shading question

Prepare yourself! This will be incredibly vague, and for this I apologize. I seem to recall in one of the general forums, there was a thread asking about toon shading, and in this thread @ndy posted some interest black and white shaded renders, which were very cool, and utilised the result colorband thing. Trying to find the thread, but uh, does anyone know how one would do this?

Apologize for vagueness.

Oops, just found link


Go to Materials [F5], add a material, go to the Ramps tab, click on ‘Show Color Ramp’, drag the slider around a bit. Just below that slider is the input type for each color. Click the drop down and one of the options is Result.

I know that much. I’m wondering how to do the bump map hatching thing @ndy shows on Suzanne (preferably the monkey on the right).

If you read farther down the thread Fweeb explains a little.

Set up the toon shader with ramps. You already have that? Just drag colors on the ramp shader together until the transistions are very sharp. Add a couple for mid range. Use Result to point them at the light source and sharpen them up a bit more. Turn specular in the material off.

Then add a wood texture. Scale that way down in Map input; like negative 20 for x and z. Map to Orco. Set Map To options to Bump and crank Nor to like 4 or so. Don’t set Map To for color in order to affect the toon shading and not the colors, otherwise you get wood across the (toon) specular.

I find ramp shader as toon input to be inconsistant and difficult to set up for animations. The bumps give a nice effect for hatching but are acutally bumps and in rare occasions cause other unanticipated problems. Fun to give a go though.

I was able to get something that looks mildly okay. The big problem is that the wood lines aren’t going straight, they curve and whatnot whereas in @ndy’s pic, they appear to all go the same way

edit: solved it via screen thing