Texturing software

What’s the best software out there for fast and quality texturing complex 3d models? Is it substance painter or will blender texture paint mode do?

I use 3D-Coat which I like a lot and It supports PBR. Blender has been getting better and better as well. :slight_smile:


Texture paint will do,

but Ndo and DDo are free but you need photoshop for them(it’s more of a, “pls generate texture 4 me” application but hey)

Mapzone is a free version of substance designer essentially

I won’t pretend to know anything about texture painting but I know about texture generation because I have mastered the art of being lazy.

I believe Mari is pretty good.

Mari or Substance if you are willing to throw down some money. Otherwise just UV unwrap and paint in GIMP, that’s all. I don’t like tex paint in Blender because if you paint solid colors, painting over the same area twice makes unsightly colors.