[Texturing] - Texture Backing

Hi every one.

I want to know if blender is able to generate an displacement texture from geomety ???
For example, I’ve got an sphere, I move a lot of point (with excelent sculpt mesh by example) And know I want to render the low level points dark and the high level white… Like displacement texture…

Or backing Normal maps, And I will work on it to recreate displacement :wink:
It doesn’t matter, just backing to get the geometrie information…

anyone Know how to do that :? :Z

Others may know better but I don’t think this is possible. You would have to feed the operation two meshes anyways, your complex one, and a simple one so that the program would be able to set the displacement map greyscale to convert one to the other (displacement is only normal to the surface).


hmmm I saw it’s impossible…
And for normal mapping ??? It’s easy to obtain normal mapping, but it does not exist any good texture backer on blender (or I do something wrong when I use the integrated plugin… hmmmmm :Z)

although you can bake procedural textures in blender to normal maps, the seams [at texture seams] are very visible


you can’t tell in those pics, but they are visible

I have a [local space] normal map material in
[oh, and my script, which I think is better than jms’s]

[I ramble about my script in the [second post of jms’s thread](https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=267480#267480)]

if you want to do this right though [highpoly meshes to lowpoly ones, displacement and normal maps], you’re better off using an application like melody:
http://developer.nvidia.com/object/melody_home.html [site seems to be down]
or orb:

oh Excelent, it work well, it make and planar images of geometry, plus texture plus lighting, is it rieght ?..

Yes thanks for this fabulous script :wink: thanks a lot :wink: :Z

baking does not have a c in it. that is like your backing someone (eg. He was backing Kerry)

okay… jedi, but you know, I’m french and in french I don’t know the orthographe, so you can imagine in english…

yop z3r0 d I test your script… realy greate job, EXCELENT.
I don’t understand something…

Look the difference on viewport I had and the render.

On viewport it appear géometrie baking, and not on render… :o :o

Do I must have to configure something on render ??? :expressionless:
Or your script juste baking bump map ??? Attention your work is realy EXCELENT, it’s not the problem.

it was just baking the tangent-space normal map [blue]

so, blender is weird sometimes in showing the rainbow colors [which would be more of an object space normal map]

so, if you get blender to refresh the colors [moving a lamp or something] it should look the same [or blue/orange depending on the orientation of a part in the uv map, if it is flipped over or not] in the 3d view as the render

… does that make sense?

so, what you see on the right is the unfolded mesh on the left, however the colors have not been changed [but they should have been]. When the colors are recalculated [it is weird they were not] the regions should be blue or orange [also different from the render, the orange regions].

the render appears to be a correct normal map, but you will probably want to make it square.

also, the normal map seems a bit weak, you might want to change that [or it could be because your image is jpeg compressed]

still, my script will not really let you reduce the polygon count, just bake procedural textures [and not normal maps very well] onto the same mesh.

I’d really suggest you take a look at melody or orb

Hey thanks man, You are very cool to take time to explain me all… thanks :wink:

Okay it’s what I thinks, your plugins permit me to transforme an procedural map to an bitmap… And it’s realy excelent for changing software and keep textures, or to can add procedural texture to base bitmap to get some texture slot free… :wink:

he he realy cool. Not for what I want today, but un future I’ll have a lot of pleasure to use it… :wink: big up “m’sieur” thanks for your time :wink:

so noway … hmmmmm
Impossible to set geometrie on a bitmap.