Texturing the Earth with clouds: problem

I’m trying to get the Earth with a simple sphere. I’m using a single material with:

  • a color texture
  • bump texture
  • a cloud texture
  • a mask for the clouds to “see through”
    Everything is in place except that the clouds are also “bumped” so the continents reliefs can be seen under the clouds… I believed that my bump texture (used with “Nor”) would only affect the color texture underneath. It seems that the whole object is affected.
    Is there any solution to get the clouds unaffected by the bump texture ?
    Thanks in advance.

Forgive me, if you were not searching for a mechanical solution, but…

Why not map the clouds on a second sphere, outside of the earth sphere. That way if you’re animating, you’ve got extra control? Just a thought. I have many :-?

Thank you for this good idea.
Now I have to build a second sphere that has clouds as material; you have to see through this sphere where there is no clouds.
How do you build a transparent sphere with clouds on it ?
I tried to make this sphere transparent but then the clouds are also going to be transparent.

  1. Turn the Alpha of the transparent sphere all the way to 0; you’re going to let this be completely controled by a texture.
  2. Turn on ZTransp in the Mirror Transp tab; this will make sure that because this material is transparent, you can see objects behind it. Otherwise you would only see the World color.
  3. In the Mapto tab you will see that the clouds are mapped to Col. But they have to affect Alpha too. This will make the parts where the texture is black transparent.

On this subject; Is there a simple transparency map (area) in blender? Or, is that what Egg just described?

Uhm, I don’t know exactly what you mean by “simple” and “area”, but the Alpha option makes a texture a transparency map, the same way Col makes it a color map and Nor a bumpmap. Does that answer your question? :expressionless:

OK! Now that Is Simple. (lol, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the definitive language used for blender).