texturing the world?

Hi. I created a star field from scratch in Photoshop at different two different sizes (5120 x 5120 and 5120 x 2560). I then found a filter plugin that warps the top and bottom of the image to make is mapable to a sphere. When I load this into my Blender World, it gets stretching. Here are my settings:


This is the world rendered with those:


If I change the Sphere to AngMap I get this:


I have also tried mapping this to the inside of a sphere. I get the same kind of problem, but gets kind of blurry on the sphere. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.


I don’t know about in the world but in your sphere material settings change mape input to sphere. BTW it is better practice to map it to a sphere because it pans properly with the camera.

But isn’t that what the Real option is for? Or does it do something totally different?

I will try the sphere again. Maybe I will have better luck.


I tried with the sphere and I know what I am doing wrong. The image has to be very large. I mean VERY large. Right now I have the texture at 10240 x 5120, but I may need to go bigger. The actual image size is not that bad, right now it is less than 3.5 MB. I can see why this would happen, though, my scene is really huge. I will post back if I have any other questions.