texturing this face

And now comes texturing. What should I do for texturing.
Should I use Blender’s materials&textures or UV texture mapping. I thought at first of using UV mapping, but there are waaaay to much poligons to use that in this, and I don’t think that result would be too realistic. (Kill me, I’m perfectionist :)). But I don’t know how to use blender tools to renderm… like hair and strands, and eyebrows. I know how to use blender’s materials&textures tools to make just any kind of friking surface you can imagen. But What about the lips? As I know, I can’t mix 2 materials on different possition of the model. Or am I mistaken? Do I have to separete lips from mesh?? I really don’t know.
BTW, I know that forhead and chin and lips has more work to do

presently, vertex painting and UV textures are the only detailed ways to go. see http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Painting, for detailed painting.

you can mix multiple materials on the same mesh, see http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Multiple_Materials. You can later bake those colors onto a UV map so you have a good ideas of where they map to.

I’m trying to use technique described multiple_materials tutorial, but I just can’t get it to work.
In edit mode I add new material index and select faces I want to assign that material to, but after clicking assign nothing happens. And after choosing wanted color, th whole mesh is colored in that and not the faces. After clicking new material index, new material is the same color of the first, and when trying to change that color, the first mterial is also changed. What do I do wrong?

Maybe you give the whole mesh the new material and not only your new vertex group.
After creating the vertex groups select the first group, switch to the material buttons and select the material you want for the faces, than switch back, select the second group and back in material buttons select another material.
Hope I could tell it understandable. :slight_smile:

UV-Mapping. Of course. No doubt about it. Simply do it. It’s really not that difficult, and your best bet. Certainly. For sure. Absolutely.

I updated the wiki to be a little more clear; the part where you have to change the colors associated with the index was not clear. I hope the revision helps. sorry. You have to add new materials.

two different indexes can share the same material, so changing the color just switches it for all the faces and doesnt accomplish what you want. Click the Add New for the index you want to be a different color, set the color using the sliders.