Texturing Tips?

Hey guys. I have no idea where I should be posting this question, so I hope it’s ok to post it here. I’m using blender 2.49b to work on my blending life 2 submission, and I’m attempting to create textures for my mesh. I’m working in photoshop, and I’ve set my .psd file as the image in the uv window so that when I save the .psd and jump back to blender and reload, the texture in the viewport updates. My canvas size is currently 4096 as will be the main texture for the skin. My viewport navigation is almost unusable, and when I open the file, it takes ages before my interface responds. Does anyone have any tips or work flow tricks to make texturing possible again?

Maybe your .psd file become too large for your processor and memory…Try saving and reloading ,jpg or png files from photoshop to see if then works fine…Also i think 4096x4096 is a bit too large texture…2048 should be max…based on my current knowledge :slight_smile:

do you maybe know solution for this problem :

Hi Merdax. Thanks for replying. I’m going to try every suggestion you mentioned, and report back what happens.

As for your solution, I’m not sure. Unwrapping this human head I’m working on is my first real experience with unwrapping. I have been able to get perfectly overlapping UVs for the ears, and side of the head by selecting the polygons of interest in a side view, and using project from view, but I don’t think it would work for you because your tree doesn’t appear to be symmetrical. If you find a solution, I’d like to know as well.