Texturing Trial

I’m fairly new to blender, but my modeling skill is steadily improving. This structure is for a small asteroid mining facility scene that I’m working on. It’s supposed to be made out of steel, but I think it looks a little off. This is my first try at totally hand painting a texture, so I’d like some feedback.

I used the same texture as a bump to give a bit of depth without having to edit both files to make changes.


It does look somewhat like steel, nice modeling! You might want to make it look weathered with some variations in grayness color to make it seem like it is “weathered” lol i just repeated my self. Keep up the good work!

when I make a steel texture, I like to mix in some subtle colors. especially brown and orage for rust, of course, but other colors as well. a bit of yellow, blue, green, purple, and so forth. Very subtle though. Also, I think alot of times, people make it too light. Most metal is a deeper gray, but can look lighter, depending on it’s reflectivity.

very good point MODRON! why do you add the purple, blue ?? if i may ask

Metal can take on a whole spectrum of colors, depending on how it was cooled, or heated, oxidation, contact with other materials, etc. Of course, some metal really is gray.

I put together a little untextured landscape with an area lamp in the far back. The texture on the structure doesn’t appear to do too well under this kind of light. It looks like someone went at it with a sandblaster. I think it’s a problem with not having an actual bump map.


I think your nor setting is too strong. Now it’s looking a bit like rock.
(edit) I couldn’t resist making a weathered metal texture, as an example. This one has yellow, purple, green, and a couple of other colors in it, applied at about 6-7% opacity, and then I rusted the whole thing. I don’t expect it is appropriate for what you are going for, but I hope it’s a good example.


As modron said the latest image appears a bit too bumpy from the nor value. Perhaps some other decals would help break up the overall texture and give them a sense of scale. Keep up the good work.


Great texture, I wish I had your skill, sadly lacking in this and many departments. Could you upload the raw gimp/photoshop ( or is it all blender? ) file with no flattening of layers so I could see how you did this.



I wish I had made it with Blender, but I actually made it with an app called ‘Texture Maker’ which I find to be quite good, once you understand it’s quirkyness, much like Blender in that respect. The output is tileable by default, as with this texture.


Cool thanks for the reply

is this texture maker free or only paid ?
and does it cover many type of textures ?

why do people add so much rust on spaceship ?
i never seen a satellite or spaceshp with so much rusted things around!
this is more likeHoollywood style to give some colors to spaceship
mind you in a movie it looks good!


@RickyBlenderTexture Maker is a paid app, although there are different levels of it (advanced, enterprise, etc.) You can download a free trial from the website though.

@Chris772: Pretty good texturing. I would agree with forevernoob though, it is a tad bumpy. It looks a bit more like rock then metal. I would focus on making it smooth and shiny and then adding rust and grunge to specific parts (eg. the edges, where rust usually appears), instead of making the whole thing bumpy.

Thanks for all the tips. I tried playing with the normal setting and mixing in some other colors into the texture. I added dark shades of red, blue and purple at 25% opacity using overlay blending.

Also the normal setting is down to .2. Any lower and it looks perfectly smooth, any higher and it looks rough like the above image.

The rust is proving more difficult than I thought. Every time I try to add in some actual rust it looks painted over.


@chris772 one way to add random patches of color, is to add a clouds tex, and there is an option for ‘color’. If you hit that button, the clouds tex takes on a whole spectrum of colors. Also, another way to introduce some chromatic interest would be the lettering, which is currently black.
@rickyblender, you are right of course, there is little oxygen in space, so rust would not be an issue. on the other hand, such a vessel may have at one time grounded, or exposed to an oxygen atmosphere.
(edit) also, a really nice metal texture can be achieved, by using a photographic image texture of metal, and giving it a slight nor value. it kind of feels like cheating, but it gives a really nice effect.