Texturing: uvmap trouble with round objects

I’ve ran into some problem when I tried to move my uvmaps around in the UV editor for a sphere or round objects.

When I select a UV and try to move that singular UV around, the entire map moves with it.

Is this a bug in the new Blender 2.42 release?

I’m using Blender 2.42 (not 2.42a) on Fedora Core 5 Linux.

Oh and by the way, when in UV face select mode (i.e. after pressing F key in object mode), my mouse cursor flips horizontally. Gets distracting, is there a way to fix that?

actually i never had this problem but i had another one which is that when i put a map on a circular object some parts of the map ripple…i dont know why :S

You are not by chance in propotional editing mode?

. . .


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:smiley: woops!

So what about the mouse cursor flipping thing, any ideas?

When my mouse cursor was doing weird things, upgrading the video driver fixed it.