Texturing via alreday mapped UV

I have a common issue that I’ve run into and wondered if anyone had a slick way to do this. I have some models that have parts UV mapped to a texture (usually some details or something in that area.) I then realize I’d like to animate it and would like to bake AO. Well then I notice I can’t just unwrap it to one image due to the current UV mappings. Is there a neat way to remap somehow, maybe a step process, to end up with a baked texture?

AO bake should give you a picture of the tex in the uv map window from there you can save it. i usually apply it on top of my original tex in photoshop or gimp. i don’t exactly understand what the problem is your having. if the problem is part of the object is mapped and part isent then you probably need to map the whole thing (to some extent). could you clarify your question. (someone else might know what your talking about) sounds like you need to remap

Yes a remap. I have textures using mapped UV for coords to different images. My question is how to remap so the model could fit the coords correctly and allow baking.