Texturing with Blendigo

I’m having a hard time texturing with blendigo. Most the time my textures don’t load and I get a fatal error, but when they do I get the error “file could not be bound to uv set with name “uv” because that uv set was not exposed in an expose_uv_set element”.

Why won’t files load? What file formats are supported by indigo? I’ve tried jpeg’s and png’s.
How do I make a uv set? How do you name uv sets?


Those two links are a good start.

Thanks for those links, now my textures that load work, but I still have a lot of pics that won’t load. Some jpgs do, but others don’t; Same with pngs.

No prob’s. You need to assign your textures in Blendigo, for example, if you have a texture on your diffuse/colour channel in Blender, you will need to assign that to the albedo of the material in Blendigo. Blender procedural textures don’t work in Indigo, you have to bake it to an image and use that instead.

I’ve only been using the blendigo exporter for materials, but some textures won’t load for some reason. I assign albedo and I get a fattal error saying it can’t load the texture. I won’t change any settings except for the pic I’m using then it will work. Could not having python installed give me this problem?

Probably. The exporter is written in Python, so it’s likely that it requires a full install. It’s not too big a download.

Do you just install it and blender knows it’s there or do I have to do something for blender to know it’s there?

[edit] I installed python and blender knew it was there, but some of my textures still won’t load.

[edit2] I figured it out. I had an and symbol in the folder name of where my textures were. Indigo read it with out the “&”, so the location didn’t exist without it. If I move my textures to my docs or something they work.