Texturing With Empties

Ok, quick questions. I’m texturing with some empties tlo apply decals to a bottle. However, I have a label for the front and a label for the back of the bottle. The front label, which is on top in the higherarchy, is dislpayed on both the front and back of the bottle, and on the back it is backwards. I have seperate empties for each, so how do I make it so that the labels don’t project on to both sides.

Secondly, once I have them placed, can I tell them to stay there, or do I need to keep the empties around the rest of the time? Thanks for any help.


Split your bottle into two materials – the materials show be identical except for the applied decal.

Keep your empties around (put them on a hidden layer if you wish)


Allrightythen. Thanks GreyBeard.

This is what the ‘ClipCube’ option in the texturebuttons for image textures was made for. That should clip the texture to a cubic area in 3d space, no need to make 2 materials.


Zarf’s solution is better :smiley: :smiley: Learn something new every day.


Anyone have link to tutorial of empty texturing?

If you already do your own UV mapping, is it better/worse?

I haven’t heard of it before… always just UV mapped for details.

Empty texturing, is fairly straight forward. You make your material, then add a texture image. Now place an empty somewhere with one of the axes perpendicular to the surface. In the materials window, on the right there is a tab that says map input. Choose object then type the name of the empty next to it and make sure that you use correct capitalization. The name should stay showing there if you typed it correctly. Now you might have to mess with the texture orientation (the x, y, and z’s) But I think the bottom one should be your axis of your empty that’s pointing out. Now you can move your empty around and it will move your texture. Empties are good for placing detail, or animating a texture around on the surface of an object, or place labels (as is my case) but probably wouldn’t be a practical replacement for UV texturing, (though I suppose it might, who knows until it’s tried?)