Texturing with lighting (grrr)

alright, when I put in a texture and a light, the objects dont cast shadows onto each other. At all. tips and/or solution?

That is so little information, I can interpret that to mean 3 things. Please explain your situation in more detail…

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for example, I have a wine-keg like thingie in a cellar. I put a wood texture on that, and on the floor I put another texture. However, when I place a light above the keg-thing the keg casts no shadows whatsoever. What gives?
Also, the sexture only works on one face, on the others it is simply lines. can you fix that too?..

enable ‘shadows’ in rendermenu (F10) ?

Are those two objects the whole scene, or do other things have shadows, just not your keg? Shadows are enabled in multiple places, the material, the light, the scene itself… by default, you should get a sharp-edged raytraced shadow from the default lamp. This is independent of any texturing you do. So what did you do to turn them off? :smiley:

Materials and texturing are also like that; it sounds like your wood is an image texture channel in the material. How did you map it to your object? What coordinate system? If it’s an image map and you left it flat, then yes, it will look like lines down the sides of your object but the “top” will appear textured. Try changing the Map Input for that texture to Cube… or Sphere, or Tube… the “sides” will render then.

either I cant find the shadow button, or it isnt working.

As in, it’s a big button on the F10 (Render) buttons page. So press F10 and look again. Big button. Says “Shadow” on it. Just to the right of the Huge “Render” button. :smiley:

Anyway, if it’s still giving you grief, you could post a render as an attachment, or best bet is to put the .blend up on a hosting site and let someone grab it, it’s easier to fix problems when you can see them. (some place like http://www.webfilehost.com/ will be fine.)