Texturing with radiosity...

(GSF) #1

There’s a lot of tutes that show how to texture and how to use radiosity with Blender. My problem comes when I’m trying to texture an object that has been solved.

Could someone briefly explain a good process that goes from the end of the solving time to the final rendering of the object with a texture?

Perplexed… (after yanking Blender from it’s 1 year hibernation :stuck_out_tongue: ).


(theeth) #2

First, I suggest you split the mesh in it’s different parts. You can use the Lkey (select vertice linked to the one under your mouse) and Ctrl-Lkey (select vertice linked to the seleted vertice) with Pkey (separate) to do that.

Afterward, when you assign new material, make sure you have the VLight option turned on (in the material buttons window (F9)) and that you NEVER delete the vertex paint data.

Other than that, you can texture just like anything else.


(GSF) #3

thanks! that helps a lot.