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Hey. Can you explain the texturing method in this video (4:26 - 5:27 min.). I just can’t get it, the author is doing it too fast:


Looks like he projects the UV map from view, then creates a second UV map and unwaps the model properly, and then he bakes the texture from one UV map to the other.

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sorry but you can explain it in more detail


First, he positions the model and camera in a way that matches the reference image. Then he unwraps the mesh using the “project from view” option, which does exactly what you’d assume: it projects the mesh from the view. Now the texture is on the model and it looks correct from that perspective, but the UV map is very bad because it’s overlapping and stretching everywhere. So in order to transfer the texture to a UV map with which he can work, he bakes the diffuse texture onto a new image. This new image uses a proper UV map in the node editor. So the result is a texture projected from the view, on a good UV map.

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thanx. is there any video about texture baking like in this video?


Your Google search is as good as mine, but all you really need to know is that when baking a texture, the result will use whatever UV map you have connected to the empty texture that will become the bake result in the node editor.