hi, i tried to make some textures from photos but no luck…
for a good texturing i think that the most important things are
a) colmap (of course)
i know how to do the first, but i have no idea how to do the second and the third starting from an image :frowning:
where can i read some docs about that?
does an object that have only one material really need specmap?
thx for answers

You can create spec and bump maps from a black and white version of your image. On that basis some painting and filtering in a paint programm should work. Experiment!

Your object needs a spec map if it has different spec values throughout the surface. For instance the human face is more shiny at the nose and forehead. Or imagine a circuit board. The metallic circuits shine whereas the plastic board doesn’t. In those cases you need a spec map. It has nothing to do with the number of materials of your object.

There are some great articles are texturing here :