rite i am working on an animationa t the mo i been using blender not even for a year but like know like most of the contols kinda and i need a gd link to textures cuz the texturing in actuall blender could du wit soem work so if any 1 has any gd sites for textures for animations or modelling plz post em cheers!!! :smiley:

It would help if you could speak english. I know English is not everybodys first language, but if it is, take your time typing your posts. You arn’t under a time limit to post ur stuff. :-?

…maybe he wrote that message from an SMS phone :wink:

hmm…seems to me that you are suffering from the same condition that affects both my younger brothers who use mobile phones. I personally see this new trend of using shortcuts for proper words as the death of the written language…but I digress…


The first link contains the best set of seamless textures I have come across online, I highly suggest you get them.

And for the record, the material system in Blender is very good…shame that about 95% of blender users can’t be bothered to figure out how to use it properly…

yea, I use the planetquake textures too. Good stuff.

sorry peeps i was rushin last nite thats y i couldn’t type well lol cheers for links anyway :smiley:

Thanks for the planetquake link [email protected] Great stuff !

Rite i av got the pack of textures cheers [email protected] just the only problem is when i use these textures on walls for instance they become all pixilated and streched across the walls can any 1 help or give me a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

Still in a rush?

lol, jedi dawn. @ ReaperX, make sure it is mapped as a cube.


Yes. I see this all the time on the forums I vist and worse yet in tutorial I am trying to read. Teachers in the L.A. school district have start telling high school students that they will get and F on thier papers if they include and netspeak at all.


about the pixelation,

did you use the texture repeat button? I quite often render images at over 5000 pix resolution, and to combat any pixelation that may occur I repeat the texture 20 times or more…this is why I linked to this particular set of textures, they really do the job well in most cases.

cheers [email protected] u a true legend :Z