texturs goin funny?

im workin on an animation and im nt entirly sure this is the right place to post but anyway heres the problem.
i have a fury…ummm…thing ill call it but when ever it moves the texture on it doesnt move, instead of the texture moving with the mesh, the mesh just seems to move undernieth the texture, heres a samll test snippet to show what i mean. (the textuer basicly doesnt move)

(link to movie)

That could happen if there is separate object´s texture coordinates on
the mesh. In mapping there is a field/an empty box that can be filled
with text, to the right from word object, if you have there something then there is the problem. Or if there is window(win) texture coordinates those would change in an animation too.

I was not able to check the animation.


you should read that about putfile.

if you want the texture to move with the object set it to orco, sticky, or uv… or, as j said, you can enable object and type the object’s name in the field.