Texure question

Why does this texture appear to have a shine to it when viewed from certain angles? I’m not using any materials just the UV texture. Is there a setting that should be turned on or off? Thanks.


That is a specular highlight. Check the specularity setting for your material.

There’s no material on this object. Just a UV texture and a spot light.

yes, but in the materials tab, you must add a new material and then click TexFace to be able to see the UV on it. There you can turn the specularity down.

Yes, I know that but when I look at Glenn’s Duk Duk game his textures are flat and there are no materials applied to the objects. If he did the work in another program like Maya or 3ds and imported it into blender for use in the game engine would the materials show up? I just don’t see why my objects have a shine and his don’t when we have the exact same settings?