im not really good at skin shading texturing portraits. i have baked normal map on my sculpture. now for texturing do i take that baked nrmal map and color it in gimp/ps so that when i apply to my model it wil
l look textured?

no, the normal map only defines the bumpiness of your surface, not the color. you can specify which texture controls what in the map influence panel. normal maps should be set to ‘nor’ ( normal ), with diffuse ( color ) turned off.

Export a texture map if B.R I use contrasting colors so I can Magic wand them IN P.S to alienate or single out what it is I want to color, effect, etc. Then when it looks good, export out as a PNG to then apply as a texture in itself…
Like this although this was not the color I wanted it allows me to select easily.

Which looks like this after P.S