TF2 Inspired Shotgun

Hi, first time poster and completely pissed off.

I was going to show this Shotgun to get some c&c but about 3 seconds
after the render blender decided to corrupt my save file so this model has ceased to exist :frowning:

But anyway, im going to show you guys the render anyways
and you can comment all you want :slight_smile:

By the way, the model WAS a heavy wip …

that sucks. really bad. but you could model it quick again probably, that doesn’t look hard to model.

wow, that’s harsh :confused:
Look pretty good, fits the TF2 style. Try to remake it, it should be easier the 2nd time :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check the render autosaves in the tmp folder (on windows) or the Blend1 file?

assuming Windows…
go to C: mp, set the view to details, and sort by date modified.
there should be a .blend that was saved upon blender quit, probably some long number.blend.
(blender saves your work there when you quit or crash)

bojo600 have u ever heard of constructive criticism did u even notice the poster said ime a first time poster ffs im pretty rubbish at modeling so why not look through my posts and have a field day making yourself feel better what is actually wrong with his model anyway ?? yes its a simple model and shouldnt take to long to redo but why the hell do u feel the right to be so harsh ( fool)

Well atleast i got some comments :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure it was easy to do but i made it just to learn some stuff.
I do have some more renders so i can annoyt the crap out of bojo600 :wink:

And yes, i’ll remake the thing but this time as a complete gun and with some lame textures :smiley:

This is just a guess, but i think bojo first two comments about sucks and really bad was directed at your luck rather than the model.

At least thats what it sounded like to me

Seconded for the record. Guess people who looked at cups differently.:wink:

I really should learn english … Or atleast take time to read the posts twice :slight_smile:

oh srrry by “that sucks” i meant the fact that the file got corrupted, not that the model sucks. i just noticed my tone in the comment & i was like “oops.” the model’s good by the way. srry for the misconception. :slight_smile:


wow sorry bojo600 i feel like such a retard (slaps self many times)
so so sorry i should have stopped to think about what u may have meant
again ime so sorry