TFT screen [spin off]

Newest work. A simple TFT screen.
Used radiosity for lightning, hdr image for world texture. Rendering using blender internal.

Wanted to do speakers in the ‘foot’ using normal maps but can"t seem to figure out UV mapping :o Maybe if I find a good tutorial that doesn’t reference LSCM which I can’t find in the menu’s


Nice start. AFAIK, LSCM is now the default in Blender. Just choose Unwrap from the UV menu.

Added ventilation holes and some content (actually the blender “workspace”). Using vertices though. UV mapping will be for another time

C&C are very welcome :slight_smile:


i concur exelent work

You could put a slight nor pattern onto the plastic textures. If you look at your monitor, you will probably see that there is a slight ‘grain’ to the surface that has been modeled into the plastic surface. Nice modeling though.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

@Tea_Monster: Actually there is already a “noisy” normal texture applied. However it needs some more tweaking.

Did some tweaking to the normal texture, lightning, LED, buttons and ventilation holes.

Tablet added, is not finished yet though, but you don’t really notice that it this render. Have the feeling this thing will keep expanding. There goes all my free time :eek:


Updated. The tablet is now mostly complete. As with the screen I still need to add some textures for text/buttons.



Yea, that table’s texture is very nice! Although it would be cool if both moniters had a different setup, not the same screen.

Sorry for the long pause.

Anyway, UV mapping now done for the screen :D, the content (image) needs some tweaking though to give it a more real feeling, thinking about using emit or maybe nodes.


And another render. Almost nearing completion :slight_smile:


Do you have an area light along the screen area? It still looks like a picture frame. Not emitting any light like a moniter usually does…

I was talking about adding that in the last post.
Latest render, all the light you see in the scene now is coming from the screen itself. :slight_smile:
As a natural result, the text isn’t visible anymore :yes:, anyway, think the screen is almost done now.

Does anybody have a good suggestion on how to create a keyboard without creating insane verticecounts or way to complex (at least for me) normal maps?

That looks better! But it still doesn’t seem bright enough.

Small update. Tweaked the light a little and changed the background as it totally messed up the scene anyway. The content is a little blurry, mostly because of the resolution of the texture being to low. Will fix it later on if I find something good to put in it.

If you look closely you’ll see the start of a 1U rack unit.

what happened to the second monitor? And you finally got that screen emit just right.:stuck_out_tongue:

edit:never mind. I see the second monitor, lol. (should have done a quick reply).

Looks pretty realistic. Good job!